Resource Library

LDI members created a library of resource materials to guide presenters’ community building efforts. The following resources are available for download.

Online Resources

Animating Democracy: Resources for Evaluating the Social Impact of the Arts.

Tools and Tips for Assessing the Intrinsic Impacts of Arts Programs. Wolf Brown, Theater Bay Area, Baker Richards, Group of Minds,


Arts & Civic Engagement Toolkit: Planning Tools and Resources for Animating Democracy in Your Community. Animating Democracy, A Program for Americans for the Arts. CD-Toolkit, 2008.

Callahan, Suzanne. Singing Our Praises: Case Studies in the Art of Evaluation. Washington, DC: Association of Performing Arts Presenters, 2004. Print.

Ratzkin, Rebecca, Alan Brown, Arlene Goldbard, Susan Atkinson, and Clayton Lord.

Counting New Beans: Intrinsic Impact and the Value of Art: Featuring Measuring the Intrinsic Impact of Live Theatre : The Final Report on the Landmark Two-year Intrinsic Impact Theatre Study. San Francisco, CA: Theatre Bay Area, 2012. Print.

Reisman , Jane, Anne Gienapp. Theory of Change: A Practical Tool for Action, Results and Learning. Seattle, WA: Organizational Research Services, 2004.

Wolf, Thomas, and Gigi Antoni. More Than the Sum of Its Parts: Collaboration & Sustainability in Arts Education. New York: National Guild for Community Arts Education; Dallas, TX: Big Thought, 2012. Print.

Other Evaluation Resource Recommendations

The Evaluation Exchange: a periodical of emerging strategies in evaluation. Harvard Family Research Project: Harvard Graduate School of Education.

  • Fall 1995. Volume I, Number 3&4 Issue Topic: Participatory Evaluation.
  • Fall 2003. Volume IX, Number 3 Issue Topic: Evaluating Community-Based Initiatives
  • Issue Topic: Democratic Evaluation (2005)

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Resource Library

LDI members created a library of resource materials to guide presenters’ community building efforts. Read more ›