A Cooperative Inquiry: How Can Performing Arts Organizations Build and Sustain Meaningful Relationships with Their Communities?

The 2012/2013 Leadership Development Institute (LDI) cohort explored ways in which presenters shape cultures of community engagement based upon the theme: Know and Connect with Community. Their cooperative inquiry addressed essential questions about relevance, commitment and community. The outcome of this work reflects the following belief: “Unless our arts organizations continually evaluate our missions and evolve our programming to reflect the communities in which we serve, we run the risk of becoming irrelevant and impotent as a force for social and cultural change.”  Read more ›

  1. Making the Case – Why is it important to know and connect with community?
  2. Building an Organizational Culture – Why is it important to integrate community engagement into a presenter’s mission/strategic plan?
  3. Connecting with Your Community – How should geographic, socioeconomic and political realities of the community inform an organization’s approach?
  4. Involving Artists – How should artists – who are key stakeholders in the arts ecology – be involved in connecting their work with communities?
  5. Evaluating Impact – How can evaluation serve internal learning and enhanced community engagement?

LDI Methodology

APAP’s Leadership Development Institute follows a Cooperative Inquiry design. Read more ›

2012/2013 Team

Fourteen LDI team members were chosen from a cross section of US presenting organizations. Read more ›

Best Practices

LDI members developed best practices around 5 key aspects of engaging community with and through the arts. Read more ›

About LDI

Launched in 2010, the goal of the LDI is to develop the leadership, knowledge and capacity required to advance the performing arts presenting field. Read more ›

Resource Library

LDI members created a library of resource materials to guide presenters’ community building efforts. Read more ›